We Offer Residential & Commercial Services

Prestige is known for our experienced in excellent in quality and client services. We focus on ensuring high quality product and exceptional service to each and every client of ours. Specializing in both residential and commercial building, up to 8 stories high, we customize every job to your needs.
Whether you have an older home, an office building that is needs and uplift or a new construction, we offer a wide range of windows and doors solution that will make sense for your specific situation. You can specify and type of job you require and we have a solution specific to you. From vinyl, aluminum, double, tripled or laminated glass windows for residential or commercial projects, we have everything that you are looking for and more!
We take pride in offering our customers with a huge selection of window and door options. We know that everyone has unique needs and design preferences. Therefore, we do our best to ensure we can meet all of your project specifications. If you have an idea or are looking for a specific window or door product, give us a call – we will see what we can do for you.
We have around 30 years of experience working with  residential and  commercial buildings. Whatever your needs are, Prestige is here to help! We have a professional glass installers and experts  who specialize in window & door manufacturing. We treat your property as if it was ours and ensure every project is to our high standards.


Prestige Windows and Doors
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