Residential and Commercial Custom Windows and Doors

Apart from providing products and rendering services to our residential customers, we also offer commercial services in terms of doors and windows for buildings up to 8 stories high.

We manufacture the residential and commercial custom windows and doors keeping in mind the safety as well as the requirements of our customers.

The entrance door of your property registers the first impression on your clients. So it is essential that you have the best one to amaze them and leave a lasting impression.

Furthermore, windows are a significant part of your building’s architecture which projects your personality. With the help of our experienced and trained staff, you can choose the right ones for your place.

We provide customized residential windows and doors and also commercial ones as per your requirements. We ensure a trouble-free service for many years to come.

Why should you choose us?

Our commercial and residential products and services include:

  • 100% Canadian owned products

We are a locally owned company. All our custom windows and doors are manufactured using 100% Canadian owned products.

  • Complete removal of the existing fittings

If you are looking for a door or window replacement, we offer complete removal of the existing fittings in an efficient manner.

  • Precise measurement and installation of doors and windows

Our trained staff will take an accurate measurement of your place to provide perfect windows and door fittings. Moreover, the installation process is accompanied with a great finish.

  • Durable & Low Maintenance

We take pride in the quality of doors and windows that we provide. They are capable of withstanding any weather condition and require low maintenance.

Further, our products are waterproof and air sealed.

  • Energy efficient

All our residential and commercial custom windows and doors come with an Energy Star certification. They are the best way to cut down on your energy bills. We also provide insulated windows with LOW E 272 glass.

Our products are economical and backed by a lifetime warranty. We also provide financing options as per your needs.

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