About Us

Prestige Windows and Doors is the leading manufacturer in Canada for Canadian made products with only the industry leading materials. Offering custom made windows and doors, we ensure the customer is always satisfied. Founded in 1987, Prestige has developed an everyday household leader for  inspirational products, design and custom capability.
Prestige is a manufacturer of vinyl windows and doors designed and built for premium residential new construction, renovation/restoration and distinctive light commercial construction.
We pride ourselves on products that are not only attractive but also cutting edge in their functionality. Our products offer performance, to keep homes comfortable and energy efficient, strength to protect against the worst that nature can deliver. We achieve this through careful craftsmanship and by customizing our furniture-grade fit and finish.
Thank you for choosing Prestige Windows & Doors for your home. Here you will find all the tools necessary to make an informed decision on the products you will be installing in your home. Whether you’re building your dream home or doing a small renovation, Prestige  windows can supply the products that are right for you. We look forward to working together to become your window and door supplier of choice.
We use only the highest grade materials and equipment to ensure that you save on your energy bill. By using Super Spacer® a non-metal foam, we are able to insulate your windows. This technology is low conductive, durable flexible foam that is able to absorb moisture and retain argon gas.
Professional Installation is very important.
The comfort of our stuff trained professionals.
Our staff not only assess the proper dimensions however the best possible material needed for each frame. Such as brick molding, jamb extensions, vinyl packages with rosette or wood casings. We als o ensure the products are installed correctly every time. We take all the worrying away from the customer. When you call Prestige Windows, we ensure the job is finished correctly the first time. This will allow for energy efficient products and reduct leaky windows and doors. Never replace experience and quality for cost.
Full frame rather than retrofit.
There has been great advancements in the technology used in product material and the manufacturing process of windows & doors in the last 30 years. This has led to the improvements in energy efficiency, design, and functionality for both windows & doors. We understand how important an investment it is for consumers when purchasing windows or doors products for their new or renovation project. This is why we recommend a full frame replacement rather than a retrofit installation.
 The assurance of warranty on installation
I can feel drafts on my walls around the windows & doors? I just replaced them they are only 5 years old! Did my house shift? Prestige Windows & Doors warranties our install work. This warranty is comprehensive and we pride ourselves on the exceptional A+ rating. If there are issues with our install work we are always quick to respond within 24 hours.
With premium European windows and doors, we ensure that every project is completed with utmost attention to detail. We focus on ensuring that the are products are energy efficient to save you money.
With years of experience, we value to dedication to premium products and craftmanship. Prestige offers an array of colours, materiel and styles to ensure that the customer receives the best product that their looking for. We are confident that every household will notice the difference when Prestige quality is used. Energy Star approved and certified we work hard to save you money. All of our windows are covered by our warranty, and ensure that should there ever be an manufacturer defect, we are there to fix the issue.
We aren’t satisfied until you are! We value our customers and ensure that every project is completed to our standards. Our staff is highly trained, certified and are there for the customer needs. If there are issues after the job is complete, we are always there to ensure that the job is completed the right way.

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